Opening Spring 2018

Opening Spring 2018


SOON To Be Opened
Authentic Tuscan Specialties


Tuscan Specialties

We are bringing a variety of savory and sweet baked specialties from Tuscany to Westfield, New Jersey in late Spring 2018. Every authentic Tuscan specialty we prepare is defined by the highest quality of the ingredients and their sourcing, combined with care, love, and simplicity to enhance their natural flavors. Last but not least, we bring you the experience of eating them the way Italians do: with friends and family around a table or standing while sipping a glass of wine or enjoying the fresh aroma of an espresso.

Discover our Story


Our Story

The name “Farinolio” joins together two key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, flour (“Farina”) and oil (“olio”), which have been providing both nourishment and pleasure for people around the world for centuries.  At Farinolio, we stay true to these core ingredients and tradition so we can share them with you.

Sophisticated Yet Simple


yet simple


food & people

In Italy, the piazza (square) is the quintessential meeting point and is crucial to the Italian’s friendliness, sense of community, and physical connectedness. Farinolio wants to connect food and people in that same special way. It’s like an ongoing party that you can be part of without being formally invited.

Traditions & Passion

Great friendship

connects its founders

Farinolio is the result of the great friendship connecting its three founders, two of whom are first generation Italians, who wanted to share their traditions and passion for great Tuscan food in the most authentic way possible. They recognize that preparing great food is an art, which needs to be preserved like a Macchiaoli painting, because it’s a gift that keeps on giving and connects new and old generations in a very special way.

Comming Soon


da Farinolio!

We look forward to welcoming you at Farinolio. We’re just making those final finishing touches before we open our doors to you– just as great food can be made to taste wonderful with time, passion, and patience.